Blackjack online – your best beneficial way to spend free time!

Blackjack is a well-known card game also called «twenty-one» or «point». However, over time the game was seriously modified. A scientific theory has been developed that application pretty increases the chances of winning blackjack. The popularity of the game is assured by the theory of probability – casino is not always guaranteed to win.

This distinguishes Blackjack from many other games in casinos. Many gamblers are aware of this, so interest in the game continues unabated. These or those cards in the blackjack rules bring a certain number of points, but the main task – to get 21 points, or at least to be as close to this amount. In this blackjack review we will tell you about all blackjack tips. You can also start to play blackjack online in one of the casinos from our recommended list.

For the game usually 52 cards are used. The purpose of the player is to receive a combination of cards the sum of points of which is greater than the dealer’s but not more than 21. In calculating the amount of points the advantage of cards is considered. All cards with pictures (Kings, Queens, Jacks) have the advantage of 10 points. Aces can be counted as 1 or 11 depending on the amount of points desired by the player; if counting with aces and 11 in total exceeds 21 aces are counted as 1.

Easy explanation of blackjack rules

The player bets on one or more (not more than seven) positions marked on the table (boxes). At the beginning of the game player is dealt two cards on each box, and the dealer deals one card for himself. A player may ask for additional cards. If the amount of points in one box exceeds 21 points, then this bet is lost. Player can not take another card if the sum of its cards is already 21 points. Once a player decides not to take more cards, the dealer starts to deal the cards to himself until the sum of his points does not reach at least 17. If the total points of a player exceed the amount of points of the dealer he wins, and vice versa. If the player and the dealer are of the same amount of points, then no one wins or loses. This situation is called a draw. You can start your gambling in one of online  casinos and also try some other games like roulette, poker or  craps.

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