It is no secret that the odds when you are playing slot machines are not good, that does not however mean that they cannot be profitable. The key is to make sure that you are taking advantage of the comps that the casinos offer players.

The reason that comps are the key to profitable slots play is that the odds are against you when you are playing slots, the comps however can help you to balance the odds out. Make no mistake the odds will still be against you but at least with comps it may be possible to balance out the amount that you lose with the comps that you get. Almost all casinos will give you comps that can be used for meals however there are some that will allow you to turn your players points into cash, obviously these are the best casinos to play at.

In order to take advantage of the comps that casinos offer you are going to need a players card, these are easy to get at customer service. The days when the pit boss decided who was going to get comps are long gone, nowadays it is only with your card. Make sure that you use your card every time that you play the slot machines. There are some people who believe that using their players card will affect their odds of winning, this is not the case so there is no reason to not use the card.

Comps: The Key to Profitable Slots Play

The most important thing to keep in mind about comps when it comes to slot machines is that the amount that you receive in comps is based on the amount that you bet. It is not based on the amount that you lose. This means that if you want to take full advantage of the comps that are offered by casinos you will have to choose to play at the right machines. There are some machines that offer large payouts but at which wins are infrequent, others offer small payouts but wins are more common, to get the most out of comps you will want to play the machines that offer the smaller payouts.

The reason that you want to play the machines that offer the lower payouts is that by winning more frequently you will lose less money for every dollar that you gamble. Since

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