Many choose to play at online casino but do they know the companies producing various types of casino software? This article is dedicated to different types of casino software companies but first reason the comparison of the best casino websites below.

In fact, it is not a secret that it’s better to play in a casino using the software of the known producer. There are more than dozen companies specializing in software for online casinos, but not all of them are trustworthy. Currently, the industry is actually formed  by «Big Five» – a group of companies that are the manufacturers of gaming software shared by the best casinos in the world. All these companies produce primarily downloadable software, conduct periodic software updates, adding new games.

The first company is Microgaming that has its origin in South Africa, but now they are headquartered in London. Perhaps it is the most famous and popular producer of software, its services are used by about 80 casinos. The latest version of software is Viper, which offers over 100 games, including 10 varieties of blackjack, over 20 varieties of video poker and 70 options of slots.

Cryptologic is a Canadian company offering its software only to large companies that have real casino. So this software works for such big casinos as William Hill, Ritz, LittleWoods, Betting UK. This software set of games is very wide, moroever there are lots of games that can be plyed in a multiplayer mode. This software is deservedly popular throughout the world and especially in the CIS due to its monthly bonuses offered by casinos.

Casino software – famous software companies

Bossmedia is a Swedish company producing a popular software (about 30 casinos use it). The software set of games is narrow in comparison to the other companies but there are various options for a multiplayer game.

PlayTech is a Dutch company that is younger than other software companies but thanks to its aggressive marketing policy they have lots of customers (about 50 to date). Playtech software offers plenty of colorful games and multiplayer game modes. Most casinos accept residents of the CIS and US. However, some Playtech casinos have slow payments, and sometimes people speak about the dishonesty of some games.

RTG (Real Time Gaming) software is one more software company that works with the US gamblers. The games offered are very diverse but the licensing policy of the company is not too tough so now this software is used by non-proven casinos.

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